Universal OXO Bar X

The Debut of the Bar X wasn’t even known as Bar X it was actually known as OXO in its in original incarnation with the traditional one armed bandit pull down lever – this machine had a simple stake of 10p and Jackpot of £3 and was released back in 1981. This was before Electrocoin had set up a manufacturing arm and so these casino style cabinets actually came from Japan and their original cost was in the region of £4000 or £20000 in 2012 money.

The game introduced the first holds, nudges and of course the simple 2 win structure of 50p or £1 for XXX and £3 for BARBARBAR. The O symbol was a filler symbol and this simple 3 symbol 2 win structure served to prove the model and then as they say, the rest is history.