Bar-X 5

The BAR X 5 was the game that launched a thousand arcades back in 1999 – the new stakes and prizes at the time allowed a maximum Jackpot of £5 with a 10p stake and Electrocoin perfected this in the BAR X 5 so much so that arcades to this day still have row upon row of BAR X’s. Over the years many have been updated with newer software and artwork but the originals can still be found up and down the country.

The Bar X 5 had the original BAR X and O symbols and therefore only 2 payouts – 3 BARs or 3 Xs. Whereas the 3 BARs could pay a maximum of £5 the 3 X’s paid £1. BAR X 5 became famous for its secret holds and nudges which appeared at random and the unpredictability of a fun entertaining game.

After the success of the MAGIC 7 launch online, Electrocoin were approached by online casinos and bingo companies looking to attract their players through nostalgia back onto BAR Xs online and asked for an official branded BAR X game for the casino sites. Dynamite idea once again made this version and it was released across 5 sites in the first month and has even been ported to a TV version on Sky TV.

This game offers a Play for Free and Play for Real option on most sites