Bar X Extreme

The very latest game from Electrocoin in conjunction with Novomatic is the BAR X Extreme. This game is Extreme in that it features 2 sets of Reels, one on the bottom game and when the feature is activated the player plays on the top set of reels for bigger prizes and more win bonuses.

BAR X Extreme includes community gaming whereby upto 12 machines can be linked and one player entering the feature will automatically take the players up together so that all players can play the bonus reels.
BAR X Extreme includes new symbols such Golden Symbols and free spins and is leading the way in non-video arcade fruit machines and competing with the best casino machines available.

The latest BAR X is Extreme !

BAR X Extreme is the latest game from the Electrocoin stable and is current with the latest technical standards and special community feature.

The bottom game is a normal BAR X game with the traditional BAR X and O symbols with all the favourite holds, nudges and hidden features. In addition the game carries 2 new symbols name a Golden X and an Extreme O.

BAR X Extreme allows players to play the bottom game first and enter into the big wins top reels either through a trail or a winning Golden XXX on the bottom set of reels.

Finally there is also an all new feature, unique to Bar X Extreme whereby the dot matrix will display flashing numbers and the player must push the start button to stop a number. The machine will then go into “Extreme mode” and will guarantee entry into the top game within the set number of spins.

The game plays at 25p/£1 stake with a maximum Jackpot win of £70 with possible repeats.